Bogor, The Rain City

CIMG3411 (2)

There are two cities in the world that have the nickname, rain city: Bogor (Indonesia) and Bergen (Norwegia). Currently, I live in one of them namely Bogor. I am staying here because I am studying at Bogor Agricultural University.

My dwelling place is in Bekasi. The distance of the city is quite far from Bogor. Before I went to Bogor, I suspected that the air temperature would be very cold there so I prepared a lot of jackets as a precaution. But, it turns out the air temperature here is not much different from Bekasi.

Rainfall intensity is very high in Bogor. The rain in Bogor is different from other cities because the rain is very heavy and accompanied by very loud thunder. For newcomers like me this is very scary, but not for those who have been living in Bogor for a long time.

One of my professors once told me that formerly the air temperature was very cold here and even when you went out during the day you had to use a jacket. According to him, this change was caused by increased greenhouse gases generated by human activities in the world. Because, greenhouse gases have a great impact on the earth’s temperature.

Therefore, conditions of Bogor now are not like before although it is still beautiful to me.


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